Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hush by Kate White

    Hush is a book about a woman who has some problems. Lake Warren's husband has left her and now wants full custody of her two children. She works at a fertility clinic alongside a handsome, flirtatious doctor, which isn't a first. After a dinner party with coworkers, Lake has a one-night-stand with this doctor, named Dr. Keaton. When she wakes up, she finds Keaton covered in blood with his throat slashed open. Since she doesn't want to show any reasons why she should not keep custody of her children, she flees the doctor's apartment and leaves the scene of the crime.
     Instead of telling the truth about the situation, she lies to the police every time they question her. Eventually, the killer comes after Lake. She does extensive research into the fertility clinic and what may have caused someone to want to kill the handsome doctor. The plot has many twists and unexpected outcomes. Throughout the whole book, Lake never tells the police the truth about what happened between her and Dr. Keaton before he was murdered.
     I did not like this book at all. Thankfully, I got the book as a bargain priced, past bestseller at Barnes & Noble. It caught my eye because the cover is interesting, and when I read the inside flap, it seemed like it could be a good, interesting read. I was wrong. First of all, Lake, the main character, frustrates the heck out of me. She caused all of her own troubles after the murder. She never confessed to being with Keaton that night, even though the police suspected her. I believe that she would have been much better off if she had just told the truth in the first place. She wasn't a very believable character, and I despised her. She made idiotic choices throughout the whole book. And in the end, she never gets in trouble for lying to the police and even ends up with a new guy. It was frustrating. While reading this book, I had actually wanted the police to find out about Lake's lies and for her to be punished. The plot dragged on throughout the book, and it included too many "what-if" statements in Lake's thoughts about what she suspected, and they were all over the place. It interrupted the flow of the writing, which I didn't think was honestly very good in the first place. Near the end of the book, White seemed to have realized that she needed to wrap it up, and sloppily wrote an ending that had nothing to do with what Lake had been trying to figure out through the entire book. Lake was an irrational character, and definitely acted very suspicious to her coworkers and everyone around her, including the police. I definitely would not have trusted her. I kept reading the book just to finish it; I really didn't enjoy any of the book at all. I would not recommend this book to anyone, not even for a cheap, summer/beach read.

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