Monday, July 30, 2012

Kissing Coffins by Ellen Schreiber

Description: Not far from Dullsville, someone's lurking in the dark. . . .
After meeting the handsome and shadowy Alexander Sterling, goth-girl Raven's dark world has a bright, new glow. But as in her favorite movie, "Kissing Coffins," Raven knows that love always has its complications, especially when Alexander has a big secret to guard.
When Alexander suddenly disappears, Raven leaves Dullsville to begin a dangerous search to find him. Can she stay safe, no matter who--or what--she encounters on the way?

Review: For the most part, I enjoyed this book. I like the storyline and everything, I just don't really care too much about the writing style(otherwise I would've rated it five stars).
Also, the main character, Raven, is the most stereotypical goth ever. The author puts in as many "goth-y" things as possible: Edward Scissorhands lamp, Nightmare Before Christmas alarm clock, etc. I just try to look past it, but I don't know if Ellen Schreiber made her like this for a type of joke, or she just didn't know how to write about a goth. 
Overall, it was a good book, and I liked it for the most part. I'll be reading the next book in this series next(there are seven books so far I believe). I would recommend this book to anyone who likes vampire books(but REAL vampires, not the kind that sparkle). 

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